Before reading the rules on this page, please first familiarise yourself with the description of the challenge and the schedule. What follows is a more detailed explanation of the rules for the challenge. The rulebook will be progressively updated as we get closer to the challenge and eventually finalized by the beginning of June 2022.


You are free to decide where to place the application logic, either entirely on a controlling station that wirelessly connects to the Crazyflie, entirely on the Crazyflie, or any combination of the two. Even though the official Crazyflie API for the control station is written in Python, you are also free to use any programming language for the controlling station part. If you like to reprogram the firmware on the nano-drone itself, you can do so.


As the drone flies through the path, you need to make the controlling station dump the current drone coordinates on a file according to a predetermined format we will provide. Whenever the run is over, a jury will post-process the file to detect whether the drone has flown through or off the path, modulo some tolerance margin due to the positioning system. At every violation of the path, you get a time penalty, for example, say 1 sec, that is added to the time taken by the drone to fly through the path. The sum of the actual time and of the possible penalties represents your performance. 

Don’t Do

What you cannot do, includes:

  1. fiddle with any of the hardware on the base Crazyflie, as only modifications through extension decks are allowed;
  2. involve any other part but the drone and the person assisting the drone during the run or using any other input than those coming from either;
  3. permanently install anything in the testbed area, such as marks, objects, other hardware, …


Participating teams must include 2-4 people. The person who will be joining the challenge by assisting the drone through the path must be the same throughout the challenge and must be communicated at the start of the challenge day to the organizers. Every team will be given a number of possible runs, depending on the number of participating teams. We will consider the best time across all runs. Modifications to the software and/or the hardware are allowed also between runs.